March 22, 2017


Belle Vue Combined School is located in the central area of  the community of Belle Vue. Presently there is an enrollment of one hundred and twenty-four (124) students, ten (10) teaching staff, four (4) day time and four (4) night time ancillary staff members.

          A new mission …. new vision ….. new motto… committed, vibrant, resourceful and professional teaching staff …. team-building relation with the community moving forward to a new dream of making a difference in school. With new leadership, the school community was channeled into this challenging directive – developing a culture of success and attaining a school’s mean above the national examinations annually. 

            In our thrust for school improvement, we are focused on Character Education, Literacy and Numeracy. Action Research principles and guidelines were adopted for the numerous structures developed for all focused areas. These initiatives and programmes were piloted at class level and then implemented at school level with termly and yearly modifications.   

          It has been twelve (12) years of successful and effective planning; monitoring of the instructional process and students progress both morally and academically. The virtues of the Character Counts Programme have been inculcated into the holistic development of students and everyone at the school, from inception.


 We are champions ….. through the structured programming which  includes:   1. Numeracy •Daily recital of times table. •Mathematics Games •Literacy in Problem Solving •Problem A Day  2. Literacy •              Completed Literacy Plan for Writing, Reading Comprehension, Reading Fluency  •Daily Read Aloud •              Spelling Notebooks and Vocabulary Compilation •Penmanship Plan •       Reading Competitions   3. Character Programme •           Character Counts in the School   Feeding Programme  •   Weekly Morning Assemblies  based on a Character Pillar •          Compilation of prayers at grade levels. • Praise and worship every first day of the week.          Principal was instrumental in organizing a plan for all staff members entitled – “ Balancing Life with Work” thus ensuring that staff welfare, financial, emotional, physical needs were catered for. We the  BVCS team, envisage improved student performance. welcome this new opportunity to showcase our school’s achievements, success stories and challenges in meeting the needs of our students.Best wishes Belle Vue Combined School.