June 13, 2016


Officer WPC  Maura Emmanuel and WPC Esnard Flavius invited the parents and teachers of the Belle Vue Combined School, On Thursday May 19th  2016 at 4 pm to a Parenting Skills Workshop.


“The process or the state of being a parent”. Once you have a child, you are involved in the process of parenting.

P– praise your child for achievements as well as for efforts.

A– accept your child for the wonderful person he or she is.

R – read together often and make reading fun.

E– encourage good eating habits.

N– Never Use Physical Force on your child.

T- teach health and safety rules.

I– instill respect for other people.

N– Never Use Physical Force on your child.

G – give chores that built responsibility.

IMG_5335                                    IMG_5334                                          IMG_5333 

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